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Darkness EP - from The Wonderlands Collectors EPs

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This is the Darkness EP from The Wonderlands Collectors EPs.

(The 4 EP 'Wonderland Collectors EPs Set' is also available for purchase)




3 years ago today, I released the third ep in the Wonderlands series, titled 'Darkness'.  The following month 'Dawn' came out and I set out to play 25 in Shows in 24 Hours around San Diego - A show on every hour coinciding with the songs on the Wonderlands EPs.

Today we're rereleasing these songs back into the world in cardboard sleeves.  You can order the entire collection right now in my store.

Thanks for all the love and support on this solo journey.

Track Listings

1. Come Home
2. Beautiful (Part II)
3. You Alone
4. She Said
5. Larger Than Life
6. June & Johnny (feat. Sara Watkins)
7. Inner Peace